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A few years ago, one of my favorite people in the world, an elderly aunt of mine, fell down in a retail establishment. The floor at the business was wet and caused this special lady to fall. While she wasn’t seriously injured, she did hurt her leg. If the floor at this store hadn’t been wet or had been labeled as wet, she probably wouldn’t have been injured. If a similar situation has happened to you, consider contacting a reputable accident and personal injury attorney. This person can advise you about the possibility of bringing a lawsuit against the business where you were hurt at. On this blog, you will discover the benefits of consulting with an accident and personal injury lawyer after injuring yourself at a place of business.

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4 Steps To Take If You Are Injured In A Slip And Fall Incidence At A Grocery Store

Accidents can happen at any time and any place, but when negligence is involved you need to know how to react to ensure that your medical bills are paid for, and that you receive compensation for pain and suffering and time missed from work due to injury. Slip and fall accidents in grocery stores are not uncommon, and they can cause serious injuries that take a long time to heal, if they ever completely heal at all. If you are involved in a slip and fall accident at a grocery store due to the store's negligence, take the following steps:

Get the Contact Information of All Witnesses

Eye witness accounts of a slip and fall accident can serve as a important evidence for your personal injury case. It is important to get the contact information of any person who witnessed you fall and noticed that the floor was slippery, or had a spill that had not been cleaned up, and did not have the appropriate signage to warn people. If you are seriously injured during your fall, ask the closest witness to gather contact information and give it to the store manager.

Take Photos

Most people have a cellphone that can take pictures, so if you slip and fall in a grocery store make sure you take several pictures of where it happened and the condition of the floor. This photographic evidence can be very important in establishing negligence on the behalf of the store. 

Make Sure There is an Injury Report

It is essential that an injury report is recorded as soon as possible after the incidence occurs. The store manager should collect your account of what happened, along with witness accounts, in as much detail as possible. Unless you experience major injuries that require immediate transportation to the hospital, it is in your best interest to make sure that you don't leave without a copy of the injury report.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury cases can be complex and difficult to understand, so it is in your best interest to contact a personal injury attorney like Kornfeld Robert B Inc PS as soon as possible after being injured in a slip and fall accident due to negligence at the grocery store. Most personal injury lawyers work on contingency, so you most likely won't have any upfront costs that you need to pay. After hiring a lawyer, do not speak to any representatives from the grocery store, their insurance company, or their legal team. If you are contacted by any of them, simply have them call your attorney.