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A few years ago, one of my favorite people in the world, an elderly aunt of mine, fell down in a retail establishment. The floor at the business was wet and caused this special lady to fall. While she wasn’t seriously injured, she did hurt her leg. If the floor at this store hadn’t been wet or had been labeled as wet, she probably wouldn’t have been injured. If a similar situation has happened to you, consider contacting a reputable accident and personal injury attorney. This person can advise you about the possibility of bringing a lawsuit against the business where you were hurt at. On this blog, you will discover the benefits of consulting with an accident and personal injury lawyer after injuring yourself at a place of business.

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Common Nursing Home Injuries

According to, more than 3.2 million adults reside in a nursing home in the United States. With that many people, of course there are bound to be injuries that occur. Some nursing home injuries are nothing more than an accident, but there are times when negligence, abuse, or misconduct on the part of the nursing home is at fault. Bed Sores Bed sores are probably the most common injury seen in nursing home residents. Read More 

Answering A Few Questions About Slip And Fall Cases

When you have been unfortunate enough to suffer a slip and fall injury, it is important to be aware of your rights for pursuing compensation. These incidents can lead to substantial medical expenses, lost wages and other costs. By knowing the answers to the following three commonly asked questions about slip and fall cases, you will find yourself in a stronger position for making decisions as an informed victim. Can You Sue If The Business Did Not Know There Was A Slippery Spot On The Floor? Read More 

General Concerns To Discuss With Your Lawyer About Your Personal Injury Case

Winning a huge settlement may be the topmost thing in your mind when pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, but it isn't the only thing you should think about. Apart from the legal and financial considerations, there are other general concerns you shouldn't ignore. Examples of such concerns include the following: Unfavorable Publicity It's difficult to control what the public hears once the case goes to trial. Therefore, a lawsuit might not be the best thing for you if there are some aspects of your life that you don't want the public to know. Read More 

What If You Rear End Someone And It Really Was Not Your Fault?

There's a popular misconception floating around in terms of rear end collisions. That misconception is that the driver who rear ends the other vehicle is always considered to be at-fault for the collision -- no questions asked. This belief keeps a lot of people who rear end other vehicles and truly believe the accident was not their fault from taking the proper action. But it's not the truth. Though many rear end collisions are the fault of the driver who does the rear-ending, not all of them are. Read More 

Lost Wages And Auto Accidents: What You Need To Know To Recover Damages

When you are injured in an automobile accident and are injured at the hands of another individual, you may have to miss time off of work. You will file an insurance claim with your auto insurance company and they may decide to reimburse you for your lost wages that you incur as a result of the accident. Here is what you need to know about recovering damages associated with lost wages: Read More